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Southern Africa has so much to offer as the perfect year round holiday destination.

Do you want to play golf, curiously watched by a lanky giraffe? Feel the thrill of riding a horse in the midst of a herd of zebra? Or perhaps cycle in the shade of giant baobabs? No problem, anything is possible in South Africa.

Some argue that variety is the spice of life, others say it is the soul of enjoyment: for those visiting Southern Africa it is both.

From world class cuisine and wines, to ancient traditional cultures, from pristine beaches and oceans teaming with colorful marine life, to safaris on elephants and game viewing in prime wilderness areas, from the vibrant night life of Newtown to the peace and serenity of the open spaces, your dream of Africa will be fulfilled.

We at Magestico Tours are proudly South African and want to share our passion and knowledge of the country's great natural beauty.  Let us help you design the African adventure of a lifetime, where every need and luxury will be catered for with exceptional service, hand picked accommodation and our personal undivided attention.


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